Catmon lies about 57.4 kms. Northeast of Cebu City. It is bounded by the municipalities of Sogod, Carmen, and Tuburan on the north, south, and west respectively. On the East is Camotes Sea.


The name Catmon comes from a tree species that used to grow abundantly in the municipality. Legend has it that when a group of Spaniards came upon some men resting under a big Catmon tree, the leader asked what was the name of the place. Thinking that the Spaniard was asking for the name of the tree, one answered “Katmon”. And so it was that when the town was established in 1835, it was named Catmon.

PHYSIOGRAPHIC FEATURES NUMBER OF BARANGAYS : 20 Corazon Poblacion) Cabungaan Flores (Poblacion) Cambangkaya San Jose (Poblacion) Can-ibuang Agsuwao Catmondaan Amancion Duyan Anapog Ginabucan Bactas Macaas Basak Panalipan Binongkalan Tabili Bongyas Tinabyonan

LAND AREA Classified Forest Land - 6, 696 Hectares Certified Alienable and Disposable Land - 4, 456 Hectares Total Land Area - 11, 152 Hectares TOPOGRAPHY Catmon is largely mountainous and hilly with patches of flatlands predominantly in the coastal area. MAIN RIVERS Bawo River Catmondaan River Naghalin River Panalipan River Macaas River ECONOMIC Main Agriculture products - Corn, Coconut, Banana, Fruits, Root Crops, Vegetables Cottage Industries - Stone Craft, Hollow Blocks, Shell Craft, Woodcraft, Furniture, Fashion Jewelries Major Source of Family Income - Salaries and Wages Farming and Fishing SOCIAL Population (2007 census) - 29, 863 No. of Households - 5, 996 Population Density - 268.90 Population Growth - 2.38 Annual Household Growth - 2.70 EDUCATION Public Elementary Schools - 19 Public Primary School - 1 Public Secondary Schools - 3 Private Secondary Schools - 2 Private Elementary - 1 Day Care Centers - 22 HEALTH Main Health Centers - 1 Barangay Health Stations - 8 Private Medical Clinic - 2 Ambulance - 2 ROADS National Road - 13,003 kilometers Provincial Road - 23,000 kilometers Municipal Road - 9,400 kilometers Barangay Road - 52,690 kilometers WATER Water is supplied by the Municipal Waterworks System and CAWASSCO Level III - 11 barangays Level II - 7 barangays Level I - 2 barangays POWER All (20) barangays are energized with CEBECO II supplying their electricity. COMMUNICATION The Post Office, Globelines, Mobile Phones, Service Providers (Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular) and Internet provide the communication needs of the municipality. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Rural Bank - 1 Multi-Purpose Cooperative - 1 TOURISM SCENIC SPOTS PENSION HOUSE Catmondaan Bantayan sa Hari CCMC Pension House Roman Catholic Historical Stone Church Binongkalan Beach Resorts BEACHES Duyan Hot Spring Recuerdo Beach Padre Miguel de Jesus Park Barcelona Beach Mt. Tabayag Vima Beach Lumanoy Caves and Spring KM 47 Beach Bachao Beach RESORTS Banzon Beach Catmon Seaside Park Resort JMB Beach Imelda Aroma Paradise Mountain Resort Las Flores Beach Hotel & Resort Huna-huna Beach Resort EVENTS Budbod Kabog Festival Lenten Procession & Easter “Sugat” FINANCIAL International Revenue Allotment (IRA) 2007 - P32,286,249.00 Local Source (CY 2007) - P 2,595,344.82 Waterworks (CY 2007) - P 2,001,582.23 Market and Slaughterhouse (CY 2007) - P290,037.25 TOTAL INCOME - P 37,173,213.30 Prepared by: NELSON J. ARES Mun. Planning and Dev’t Coordinator